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The Benefits of LED Signage

From large format jumbotrons in high school, college, and professional athletic stadiums across the country, to smaller more localized signage in front of fire stations, schools, banks, and healthcare facilities, LED signs are among the most popular, and effective forms of signage in use today.

Have you seen one? Probably so. In the age of information in which we currently live, it’s essential that businesses and organizations of all kinds find unique and impactful ways to reach their target audiences while also keeping their messaging relevant and up-to-date. LED signs do exactly that.

Designed with flexibility in mind, JSG LED signs are available in numerous different sizes. They are durable enough for indoor or outdoor use, and are customizable and easy to update. When considering a signage upgrade for your business or organization, keep these benefits in mind.


Modular in nature, each JSG LED sign is primarily made up of 25" by 50" sealed LED panels. The modular design enables customers to specify the exact size that best meets their unique needs without sacrificing appearance or functionality. In addition to their design and sizing, our LED signs offer flexibility from an installation and location perspective. With our engineered design, each edgeless module is capable of stacking either horizontally or vertical with no seam reveal, and is able to run independently or in combination with an unlimited quantity of modules. Each module has the power to communicate producing one big display. Most notably, our LED signs can be installed indoors or outdoors in a variety of different environmental conditions.


With flexibility in installation, location becomes the need for durability—especially with outdoor installations. To ensure long-lasting functionality over time, J Signs LED signs are surrounded by a fully enclosed durable aluminum extrusion, and equipped with additional rubber seals to prevent water leakage and internal damage. Our LED signs are also easy to service and maintain as they age over time.


Unlike many other types of signage installations, LED signs enable the businesses and organizations deploying them to customize their messages on a regular basis. All LED signs from J Signs and Graphics are equipped with built-in communications and video cards which are responsible for powering the content displayed on-screen. Our custom tailored digital signage software is included at no additional cost through J Signs and Graphics. Whether you’re looking to display different information on a weekly basis or maintain the same messaging for years at a time, LED signs are simple to update and customize as often as you please.

At J Sign and Graphics, all of our LED signs are engineered, manufactured and assembled in-house and installed on-site by our team of experienced signage professionals. If you’d like to learn more about LED signs and how they can help market your business and expand your reach, visit or give us a call at 910-315-2657.

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