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Maximize Your Reach With Full and Partial Vehicle Wraps

Whether your daily commute is 10 minutes long or an hour, it’s highly likely that you pass by a fair share of vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and styles on the road every day. Regardless of how many you see, some are, by nature, more likely than others to stand out. Think about it, isn’t a truck or van with a bright and colorful graphic wrap advertising their business more engaging and enjoyable to look at than another grey mini van? Probably so.

With the ability to garner between 30 and 70 thousand impressions every day, it’s no wonder that vehicle wraps are among the most effective and frequently used marketing mediums used by businesses and organizations across the United States today. Available in a variety of styles, including both full and partial wraps, vehicle wraps are customizable to meet any business’ needs or budget. Catered specifically toward those looking to obtain the benefits of full graphic wraps with a slightly lower price tag, partial vehicle wraps offer the perfect solution and are flexible, cost effective, and durable.

Cost Effective

While vehicle wraps in general are relatively cost-efficient, some businesses or organizations may not want, or be able to afford, a full body wrap. Rather than scrapping the idea completely, partial vehicle wraps allow those businesses and organizations to get the same impressions and influence among their audiences, with less physical coverage. Naturally, since partial wraps cover less square footage than full body wraps, they also come at a lower cost.


While partial graphic wraps only cover a portion of a vehicle, they still offer businesses and organizations the freedom to customize their design. From a single design on the hood, trunk, or tailgate to the entire back or front half of a vehicle, partial wraps allow businesses and organizations to customize the amount of coverage they need in addition to the design, colors, logos, and messaging they want to display. Partial wraps can be designed to cover any size vehicle with any degree of coverage.


Designed to with stand extreme heat and cold in addition to other inclimate weather conditions, partial and full body graphic wraps are highly durable. In fact, many vehicle wraps last upwards of five years. However, while they are durable and designed to last, partial vehicle wraps are also simple to remove and replace, should a business or organization choose to rebrand or add additional information to their wrap.

At J-Signs and Graphics we specialize in vehicle wraps of all kinds—from partial to full body. We’ve worked with clients of all kinds, from household names like Zaxbys, Carolina Air, Legacy Home Construction, and Moore Appliance Service, to individuals looking to give their personal vehicle a more personalized look.

If you’d like to learn more about full or partial vehicle wraps and how they can help grow your reach and your business, visit or give us a call at 910-315-2657.

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